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April 06 2014


In today's market, there are thousands of hair clipper and hair trimmer products that are on the shelves local stores. Though, out of all of these products, the most popular clipper and trimmer product on the right now though is the Andis 29115 Promotor Hair Clipper and Trimmer Combo 27 Piece Kit of our market.


The Andis 29115 Promotor Hair Clipper is a very powerful hair clipping device. In fact, this device is close to five times powerful than any other magnetic motor unit on a traditional hair clipper in stores. This means that the device can easily cut and trim both dry hair and wet hair.

Both the clipper and the trimmer and the clipper on the Andis 29115 come with specialized pivot motors. These pivot motors allow for strong blade action in both directions. And on top of that, the pivot motor means that there is less moving parts inside of the device, essentially meaning that the device will last a lot longer than many other similar devices on the market.

On top of its power, the Andis 29115 offers an adjustable blade that gives off precision, and most importantly versatility. This means that this product is a perfect fit for those looking to detail and trim their sideburns, beards and necklines. While using the powerful and versatile device, you’ll feel at ease knowing that you’re getting professional style hair trimming and cuts form your own home.

The Andis 29115 Kit comes with many different features. Let's run through some of the special highlighted features that will accompany your purchase:

* A very durable storage bag.

* 12 guide combs that you can attach to the device for even more precision

* 4 additional trimmer combs.

* Blade oil that can be used for device lubrication.

* A blade guard

* A How-to-DVD with tips and tricks of the trade.

* Both a traditional barber comb and a styling comb.

* High quality scissors.



The Andis 29115 is the most flexible device that you can purchase today. Each kit comes with the above mentioned combs, all ranging in size. With these combs, the kit becomes perfect for crew cuts or hairstyles that are shorter in nature.



The worst part of shaving, cutting, or trimming may be the clean-up afterwards. Improperly cleaned blades can lead to bad haircuts, or haircuts that are lower in quality. The Andis 29115 makes clean-up a lot easier with its blade bush used specifically for cleaning and the blade oil to make sure it is always lubricated.



There is a reason that a lot of people are starting to fall in love with this device. It is easy to use, it gives high quality haircuts, and it is very affordable. For most, that is all they are looking for in a hair cutting and trimming device. Luckily, the Andis 29115 Promotor 27 Piece Kit is all of that and more. If you are looking for the best, this is definitely the place to start looking. You can find more professional hair clippers here.

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