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March 09 2015


Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer Review

The Philips Norelco QT4000/42 is sort of of a good deal trimmer, that you can discover it for close to $20. Which doesn’t imply it is of bad quality, however. The QT4000 has a number of the top rankings from customers and testers who own and also have frequently used it. In reality, it’s 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon.com with real customers is among the highest for just about any facial beard trimmer we’ve examined!

This product is among those ‘no frills’ and also ‘no gimmicks’ models. You get exactly what you see, that is a reasonably strong facial beard trimmer which will get the job done maintaining your facial beard under control. This, obviously, enables it to maintain its low cost tag, however, if you’re searching for more choices and accessories, you might like to keep looking (have another glimpse at our complete list of the very best beard trimmers).

A click-adjustment wheel is supplied for modifying the trimming length. The technique to do this can also be secure and easy. Simply clicking the wheel around the desired trimming length is going to do, because the wheel locks into place right away, supplying a regular and standard shave.

This kind of model works with an AAA sized NiMH chargeable electric battery, that features a lifetime of 45 minutes. The electric battery enjoys a really high suggestion in the consumer discussion board.

The charging time goes for around 10 hrs, which usually seems very long, considering that it could operate just for only 45 minutes after that. The trimmer is shipped combined with the electric battery along with a battery charger.

A few very attractive functions had been added to this trimmer to really make it user-friendly. The main one being could be the blades. Because of the stainless steel sharpness, the facial beard is trimmed very easily, rather than any hair being dragged creating pain.

Yet another part of the blades is because they are curved, rather than pointed therefore that they won’t trigger any cuts, discomfort or scrapes on the skin while using it. This can be a rare high quality for a $25 trimmer.

And also last but not the least, the hold or perhaps the grip on the trimmer is absolutely comfy, not really creating any jerks or perhaps pain when running the trimmer. A suitable shape which can be suitable to the molds of the hand can be a problem.

A genuine advantage for utilizing a NiMH AAA electric battery is that you could purchase a pair of extra AAA rechargeables and bring them along with you on the long journey. Fully charged, the three are going to operate in excess of 2 hours prior to having to plug in. In case you are heading to another nation the location where the voltage is not the same, you don't have to concern yourself with obtaining an AC adapter. Also, should you go out into the wilds for a long hiking journey, you might be packing lots of lightweight power without having to be connected to a wall socket.

If you ever travel all over the world, and also you wouldn't like to have extra electric batteries, this trimmer is voltage suitable for electric systems from 100v to 240v. You might need a individual charging cord, however you may not need to purchase a costly converter.

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